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Join the growing list of cutting-edge practices offering dental stem cell banking 


1. Be prepared when patients ask about dental stem cell banking:

Dental professional practices have a role to play in regenerative medicine and may not even be aware of it. Across the country, practices are proactively helping patients become aware that they have a choice about what happens to the stem cells in their extracted/naturally exfoliating teeth.

Our program gives patients an option to learn about how saving stem cells could potentially benefit their future.

Without the need to sell or even endorse our stem cell banking service, your practice can seamlessly connect patients who want to learn more about these cells with a Store-A-Tooth Patient Educator. The PE will provide your patients answers to their questions regarding dental stem cell preservation. 

2. Receive training about the correct protocol for submitting patient samples using our Tooth Collection Kit:

As a member of our Dental Provider Program, you and your staff will be guided on how to easily collect and submit patient samples using our simple-to-use Tooth Collection Kit. 

3. Provide your staff and patients with Store-A-Tooth discounts:

As a Store-A-Tooth Dental Provider, your and your staff will receive handsome discounts off any of our services. In addition, your patients are also eligible for service discounts. 

4. Learn how to receive a Tooth Collection Fee for every patient sample you submit. 

For assisting your patients in submitting their sample using our Tooth Collection Kit, Store-A-Tooth will issue your practice a Tooth Collection fee for every patient sample you provide.


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Store-A-Tooth is a private dental stem cell banking service offered by Provia Labs. We do not currently accept donated teeth for public stem cell banking.

Please note: Provia Laboratories, L.L.C.'s activities for New York residents are limited to collection of teeth extracted from autogeneic donors and processing of tooth pulp from autogeneic donors. Provia Laboratories, L.L.C.'s possession of a New York State license for such collection does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of dental pulp-derived cells.

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